Store Guides

Cash Wise
*Cash Wise has a FREE item each week when you spend $30 (as long as you are a More Rewards member)
*There is a really great mark down section at the end of their meat department.  Go in the morning to get the best selection.  It usually contains items that are close to expiring, so buy them and use them right away, or throw them in the freezer.

*There is also a great mark down section at the end of the dairy and bakery department.
*If you join their More Rewards program, you can earn cents off per gallon of gas. You will also never have to clip Cash Wise coupons again, because those discounts will automatically be deducted when you give them your more rewards number every time you pay.   Go HERE to learn more about their More Rewards program.

*At first glance, CVS can be a confusing place to shop.  Before you even start, make sure you head on into your nearest store and sign up for their Extra Care Membership, or you can do that HERE.  If you sign up in the store, you'll get your membership card right away.  Otherwise you won't get your card for a couple weeks.

*Having their card will allow you to score some great deals in their store.  Just make sure they scan your card at the beginning of the transaction.

*Extra Care Bucks or ECBs are rewards that CVS gives you that can be used like money (with very few exclusions).  Every week they have advertised ECB deals!  And almost every week you can get something for free with an ECB deal.  ECBs come at the bottom of your receipt and usually don't expire for at least a couple of weeks.
*Here's a helpful hint so you don't lose your ECBs or forget that you have them-keep them in your wallet with your money!

*CVS has a really cool machine called the EXTRACARE COUPON CENTER.  It's located toward the front of the store.  Every time I go in, I scan my CVS card there, and get some free coupons. So when you go in, be sure to scan your CVS card at the EXTRACARE COUPON CENTER!  If you get free coupons for things you won't use, get them anyway, and donate them to charity!  

Sara Lee Bakery Outlet
*There is a mark down section toward the back of the store.  There you will find a variety of breads for $1!

*There is a 10% discount off your total purchase on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

*They have a ton of Target coupons found HERE.  You can combine those coupons with manufacturer coupons to get some great deals.  
*Be sure to download the Target Cartwheel app on your smart phone.  You can use a Target coupon, a manufacturer's coupon, and a Cartwheel coupon all on one item.  

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